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I started blogging few years ago. But never did i try to write fashion blog. But because i know deep inside this timid heart, i have the passion for fashion and i want to broaden my knowledge on this part of the world by getting inspiration from other bloggers from wordpress, chictopia and blogger. There was a time, i was reading Laureen Uy’s blog announcing the winners of the contest she hosted where she picked candidates who joined her to a pictorial. She picked the winners via comments on her question. And one comment’er’ had an answer quite different from others. Her comment lead me to reading her blog and inspired me when she emphasized fashion doesn’t mean burning your wallet, that is also seen on her blog’s title – bargaindoll. I tried to reach out bargaindoll via twitter and after a few conversations we had the chance to meet. The online shop that i am currently managing partnered with her and sponsored a giveaway for her blog, to increase traffic on both our sites. We first met at starbucks metrowalk, had chichat and we had an ootd photo session. I like her because we’re on the same boat when it comes to interest in fashion and she’s undeniably kind and clever. She even taught me basics on taking outfit shot.


top: ffH, bottom: ffH shoes: primadonna bag: mango



stolen shot



After our first meeting., we agreed to have another photo shoot for ffh’s promotion and she said she will also blog this session with me. I am not yet used to posing in front of camera for fashion blog but having Rovie around made things easier and fun. She even taught me basics in getting one’s perfect angle. We did not hire photographer instead, Rovie’s boyfriend Paolo took the our photo.





From this photo op with Rovie, I realized that I might be at my best back stage and fixing or styling someone. It where can work at my best without hesitations, or is it just my comfort zone? Or maybe i’m not yet use to the flashes, lenses and angles.
UPDATE: From what i read on Rovie’s facebook page she already updated her blog and changed the name from bargaindoll to roviedear.com.
Thumbs Up!

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