Japanese Yukata 浴衣


Our Japanese teacher who became like our Japanese grand mom was so kind and generous to bring yukata (a japanese traditional garment which is usually worn during summer, it’s simpler, light weight than kimono and not formal). She brought 4 yukatas in different colors. It may look like so simple and easy to put on but seriously, if you are a beginner you can’t do it alone.


I chose to wear the color that i liked this blue one with white shades of petals and the red obi belt. First timer would really need someone to help out on putting on yukata. You just don’t do it your way because there is proper way of wearing, tying and everything has meaning. Make sure you never interchange left-over-right. Because the other one is for funeral. I already forgot the terms and the steps. As i said i found it meticulous and difficult.

I also wore geta slipper with it. My feet are small that perfectly fits on the slipper but  those slippers are not comfortable for long walks. There are other style of the geta some are simpler and comfortable. I am still surprise as how can Japanese woman remain graceful while their feet are crying to death. They have it fashion and culture.

Apparently we had no chance to walk around on this outfit, we just had picture taking inside the classroom and along the corridor. Thanks to our two Japanese teachers. The younger one is Fujiwara sensei, she’s my favorite teacher, she have the best technique in teaching Japanese. She’s one of those rare teachers who can combine wit with humor.  And her thinness is my inspiration.無理だと思う。逆になるかも。

I always wanted to try everything about Japan, try something about their culture. I am looking forward to wear kimono. Who do you think wore it the best? haha
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