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Is it not ironic for someone from the land of sushi, who pulled off long hours of flights to be able to step in the land of authentic mediterranean cuisine and just eat SUSHI? Yes, we did eat sushi when we were in Greece.
Our neighborhood, while we were in Athens for few days, was filled with different estiatorio (places to eat). We had fun doing what we are best at- food tripping. Three meals a day wasn’t enough as we ate anything we wanted to try. From the famous breads or greek traditional breakfast to the staple greek gourmets. 
While we were wandering on the streets of Patriarchou looking for enticing place to eat, one sushi shop caught our attention. We did not expect to find one as the area is not touristy, but filled with locals. Now i know Greeks too want a taste of Japan. Though we agreed that we’ll just give it a try, few bites, and we’ll proceed to greek food hunting our visit became so interesting.
I forgot if the person who welcomed us was the owner or manager of the sushi bar. But from the original plan of not staying long, it changed because he cheerfully chatted with us and he surprised us with something!
The sushi shop was designed as if only few people will fit and have the chance to get inside, so its like the typical small sushi shops in Japan. And one interesting feature that is not normally seen in Japan is that they have chairs and tables outside the store along the sidewalk where customers can sit and eat. They also offer take out orders.
They have a few sushi options and orders are made in front of you. I guess the sushi maker was not Greek at all. But the person who chatted with us told us that they were properly trained and still improving the taste and their menu. He also shared his experience when he traveled to Japan. We actually loved the wakame side dish, the sushi tasted good as well.
Just before we left the bar, he (totally forgot his name) gave each of us a greek style cheese cake as a present. We were surprised with his generosity. That was one experience we had at Athens where we felt how friendly the Greeks were.    
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