Year End Party 忘年会

Big Boss. Big Event. Big Party. Big People. Big Year

No Christmas parties but i got to experience Japan’s way of ending the year. The company as a whole gathered to celebrate the year end (bounenkai) of 2012.

Our group have been preparing a dance presentation for the event. We did Philippine Folk dance, combining pandanggo sa ilaw & tinikling. It went well but there have been many epic fail. One of the member got into accident, she was hit by a bamboo, we were the first to present so most of the people were busy eating. We may not be the winner but we received 20,000 yen.

with aubrey and kangawa san

Because it was impossible to wear the real costume for the dance we were able to find resources. And this is how it looks.

mga dalagang Pilipina

I thought it was cute and chick. Modern Filipina look. Our Japanese workmates joined us and yes they did their very best to dance the tinikling part.

ha-to group

I’m always looking forward to this kind of events because i got to see my Filipino friends. As always everyone should be in appropriate suit. They are very stiff on such rules, i thought my black dress wouldn’t be approved, thank’s to the coat.



Oh, just before that party, i just had a very tiring duty. nagawa ko pang mag curly hair.


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  1. mom: says:

    How you have been those places now and presenting your own culture dance.

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