Tokushima Awa Odori Festival 徳島阿波踊り祭り

In Japan when summer approaches ‘obon’ word is frequently mentioned as referring to a long summer vacation/ festival. Along with Obon festival, Tokushima Prefecture celebrates the Awa Odori festival considered to be the biggest festival in Japan that attracts Japanese from different prefecture as well as foreigners. “Awa” is the old name of Tokushima and “odori” means dance. Dance groups are called “ren” represented by man, woman and children of any age and dance through the streets accompanied by different musical instruments. This happens every year on 12th – 15th of August.



The festival takes place in Tokushima City’s center. During the celebration, it is free to walk around the city and witness the awa dancers perform around the corners. A chance is also given for the watchers to join the group and dance with them during their free style performance. Another option is to purchase a ticket that allows entry to a specific station, sit on the benches and closely watch the different rens coming in and out performing. Don’t forget to check out the japanese street food stalls and drinks, one of my favorite is the grilled squid. I found out that it is normal to walk while drinking a beer during festivals.

I am with, our Japanese teacher and my two Filipino friends who joined our company’s ren.





Another Japanese tradition during festival is to wear a yukata. On my previous post ,Japanese Yukata, i mentioned it was my first time to wear yukata with the help of my Japanese teacher. This time, with the help of online tutorials i was able to put on the dress and Hiroki helped me to tie the obi (belt) at the back. Another easy option is to spend few bucks by visiting a salon and be assisted on wearing the yukata and also hairstyle. I did not have enough time so i just tied my hair and clipped the sakura accessory. Yukata is available in every department stores (and much cheaper during winter or end of summer) or check out online stores like rakuten, and the cheapest option would be the second hand shops.


Yukata: buy at

Geta (sandal): youmetown mall

camera: CANONEOS7D but at:

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