Tights under Pleats


I have been living in our new place for few months now and I was not aware that there is a temple nearby. Not that I will visit the place like how Japanese visit for prayer or worship, rather to take dramatic photo of the empty place. Since the temple is under renovation so we were only allowed up to the temple’s gate. The area is full of maple trees as well as Sakura trees. This year’s Sakura season will be a bit late for 5 days,as mentioned on the news, hence the Sakura tree we saw with very minimal buds popping out.



On early Spring days, I can’t deny morning and evenings are still quite wintry. So the need to still cover and layer. Chiffon garments may only be good during windy summer days but not here in Japan when they have thousands of ideas to make all things possible. Thus the importance of Uniqlo’s heatech garments. I actually found this pleated skirt at the 300 yen section of uniqlo’s winter deals. And the oversize Overcoat isn’t mine but something borrowed from ‘his’ wardrobe.



Uniqlo : www.uniqlo.com

Overcoat: www.beams.co.jp

Chunky heel boots: H&M

Buttondown: Lowrys Farm

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  1. Rachell says:

    Modeling, very nice

    1. rochell says:

      thank you!

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