Bia Hoi Vietnamese Cuisine in Osaka

I am Asian, but i don’t know a single thing about Vietnam, not when i had a first taste of Vietnamese food i immediately fell in love. I was fascinated with the style, preparation and especially the taste.


A new Vietnamese friend brought us to BIAHOI, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant located at Umeda, Osaka.

we had a feast because it took us an hour to locate the place

We first had the omelette called “banh xeo”. You just don’t pick anything and eat. First you need to use those huge leaves,using your bare hands (hand wash is necessary) and pick all the other stuff inside the frying pan and arrange them over the leaf, roll and munch.

banh xeo

We also had a frog dish “nao thi ech chao chua ngot”, i wasn’t surprised because even in the Philippines there’s a resto that serves frog dishes. Nothing special though but it is worth a try.

ech xao


This is a seafood hotpot “lau hai san” , I also love this one because it’s a mix of sea foods and bunch of vegetables. Then a fat noodles will be added, which would make rice unneccessary.


lau hai san


Save the best for last. This is one of my favorite. We actually have this in the Philippines called “balot”. But Vietnamese art of eating it and the additional spices. Egg shell should be completely removed, place it in egg cup, few spices are topped and eat it using a tiny spoon. The taste felt like the feeling of the cast in”cooking master boy”.


trung vit lon


We also had “halida” beer of Vietnam. And to fill up the spared space of our tummies, for dessert we had this thinly crushed ice topped with syrup, mango and that black tiny round shape which i’m not familiar with (maybe the filipino version of sago)



che xoai


To complete the Vietnam feeling we borrowed these hats. Biahoi creates an ambiance that makes you feel like in Vietnam.


One day i will also visit Vietnam to have a local taste. I would want to see, learn a bit of their culture and on top of that it’s because of the FOOD. With my BS, we will have a real taste of Vietnam someday.


Thumbs Up!

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