Summer Maxi in Cold Season

I was awaken past three in the morning feeling cramped and clammy, this I realized, oh spring has just began. Now I am dreaming of the winter’s chilly evening that requires no air conditioning and lazy mornings where sun gets too shy to peep through my window. Since I am already reminiscing how I enjoyed the cold season, let me justify that chilly days aren’t only meant for furs, leathers or parka. Just like boots aren’t only for snow days but would also totally look chick on summer, spring and autumn. It’s been a long running trend where knee-length dresses are paired with winter garments, not just recently when long-maxi floral printed dresses also rocked the runway. I love the dynamics of the trend because it add bounciness to the weight of winter clothes. Why not, when Uniqlo has all the heattech under garments to offer.


Because of my not-so-tall height, haha, what I have is only maxi skirts but no maxi dresses that I could use to play around with other winter garments. I think maxi dress in dark tones with floral print would look fabulous as winter statement. I found one in zara but it was too expensive so I passed and used my skills to rummage through what I have. Look at this inspiration from pinterest.




The thick camel knit top and the tights I used under the skirt are from Uniqlo’s heattech line. Because my other floral printed skirts would not really look good in creating a winter look so I opted for this plain chiffon layered skirt I got from Lowry’s Farm at Shinsaibashi few years ago. This wool and cashmere blend coat in dark gray is one of my favorites among the few coats I have, which are all in dark shades, is also from Uniqlo. The combination of fake leather and suede boots I wear is from GU, though it is cheap,I swear it is the most comfortable cheap steals I got from GU.




Bag: chanel

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