Sakura Season in Japan

Counting the days till the next Sakura season here in Japan. Take a glimpse of the recommended places for Hanami.



Imagine a world covered with the beauty of a tree that sprouts the Sakura pink fluffy flowers. Unluckily, not all countries are capable of growing Sakura trees particularly the countries with wet and dry season or tropical land like to where i came from. Here in Japan, Spring is coming in few weeks and it will be welcomed first by the budding of Cherry blossoms that take place for a very limited time.

Cherry Blossom has many varieties and few shades in pink tones. It is a tree producing cherries but most of the cultivated sakura trees seen during Hanami are the ones that do not produce fruit. Hanami is a Japanese term for an activity that people do during sakura season. Which includes group of people or individual who goes out to watch the cherry blossoms while chatting and eating or having a picnic. In english some identifies it as cherry blossom festival, but it is not necessarily a festival. Hanami, can be as simple as being under the sakura tree or going to the park and, see and appreciate the beauty of sakura.

Since it lasts only for few weeks, during the time where Sakura is full-bloomed you’ll notice every parks filled with sakura is also filled with groups of people. On weekday nights, it is prevalent to see groups of salarymen having night picnic and drinking below the sakura tree. And on weekends you’ll see different groups of people especially families doing the hanami.

As early as first week of March in some parts of Japan some types of Sakura starts to blossom. But most likely during the last week of March or first ~ second week of April will be the full bloomed season or in Japanese it is termed as mankai. However during mankai, weather has a big part on how long will sakura flowers last. If it happens to be rainy and windy surely the fall of sakura flowers will be expedited.

Some of the famous venues for hanami are as follows:


Hokkaido Region


  • Goryokaku park

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  • Nijuken road

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  • Matsumae park

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Honshu Region


  • Akaginanmensenbon zakura (Gunma Prefecture)

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  • Rokugien (Tokyo)

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  • Ueno park (Tokyo)


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  • Osakajo park (Osaka)




  • Takada park (Niigata prefecture)

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  • Kawaguchiku (Yamanashi prefecture)


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  • Kintaikyo bridge (Yamaguchi prefecture)


  • Arashiyama (Kyoto)

  • Banpakukinen park (Osaka)


  • Himeji (Hyogo prefecture)

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  • Kiyomizudera (Kyoto)

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Shikoku Region


  • Ritsurin park (kagawa prefecture)


  • Shiode mountain (kagawa prefecture)

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  • Hirakiyama park (Ehime prefecture)

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  • Katsura River (Tokushima prefecture)



  • Hyotanzakura park (Kochi prefecture)

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Kyushu region


  • Ishingyo no ozakura (Kumamoto prefecture)


  • Kumamotojo (Kumamoto prefecture)

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  • Akidzukisugi bo babadori (Fukuoka prefecture)

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  • Maezuru park (Fukuoka prefecture)

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This list is not official or credited by someone. These are just few of the most visited places in each regions during Sakura season for hanami.

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