Osaka Castle

This day was getting closer to our last days in Osaka. And we were surprised, it’s just bs and I who haven’t visited the famous Castle in Osaka (Osakajo 大阪城). Even if our our schedule was tight and it rained we made sure to check out the place. Some says rain ruins a day, but i love rainy days. It would just depend on how you adjust yourself to turn it into a happy day. And it turned out we didn’t just visited one place we were also able to visit Hep 5 Ferris Wheel, Biahoi restaurant and walk along Shinsaibashi shopping district. 大変だけど楽しかった..

this is the only justifiable photo we have in front of the castle

I thought the location is hard to find or far. But getting to Osakajoukouen 大阪城公園 is quite easy. Luckily we’re with two gentleman friends. We used one day subway pass which costs 600 yen during weekends, Holidays and 800 yen during weekdays, isn’t it affordable and convenient.

we’re with Jack & Eric

From the station 19 exit of tanimachi 4-chome, it will take around 15-20 minute walk to get to the castle. But because of heavy rain and of course picture taking it took us 45 minutes to reach the castle. You wont feel tired walking because the place is serene, a very kirei place. The castle is seen from afar, outside while hanging out on the vast garden that surrounds the castle or you can also get inside the castle for 600 yen. If you have one day subway pass you’ll get 100 yen discount. Even though it was heavily raining the place was packed with tourists. Take note, there are specific floors where you cannot take pictures or videos.




You need to follow the arrows that give you direction of the pathways. Upon entering the castle you can ask for the handy, huge map with legends and spots of the place that you can visit. There is also a huge map posted on the wall. The tour starts from the highest floor by elevator. This is the observation deck where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Osaka castle. It was too cold and windy.



From 7th floor, you will use the stairs going down each floor. Every floor has different concept on presenting the castle’s history. We had this souvenir paper with our thumb marks on it for free.



i can no longer recognize which one is mine


After Osaka castle museum we went to Umeda to eat at the Vietnamese restaurant Biahoi. Just before we ate we rode ferris wheel at hep five. Unfortunately view was limited due to dark and rainy skies, but it didn’t spoil the moment because we had so much fun during the ride. This is also a romantic activity for couples visiting Osaka.



look at those grins when we saw power rangers!
Second time to have Vietnamese food. Because we were with Vietnamese guys they definitely know if the taste is just right. We tried 3 dishes coming from different parts of Vietnam. From North, Central and South. I found out the way how Southern people eat the “hot vit lon” or balot is different from Northern one’s. See the shell? It’s one of the difference.



This couldn’t have been more fun if i wasn’t with my bs and this two guys.
As we agreed bs & i will collect same key chains wherever we go.

check out Osaka Castle Museum for more info :

Thumbs Up!

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