Precautions #whenin Athens

Some things you might want to consider when visiting Greece


  • At the airport, if you have plenty of luggage and you obviously need a cart. Make sure to at least have few euros because luggage carts are not free.

  • Do not leave your things unattended even for few seconds, some will even ask help from you and if helping someone would require you to move or hold other stuff or distract your attention, ask the person to wait- secure yourself first then respond.

  • Hotel/ scheduled transfers are the easiest and most convenient ways to reach your hotel/host but quite pricey. Research beforehand the best way for you to get to the place where you will stay. It could be train, a bus or if no choice a taxi.

  • There is a taxi stand right outside the arrivals, line up and wish the taxi driver you’ll get will not rip you off. Make sure to ask for the price meter to be turned on and you will only pay the exact amount. Because most of the time they will ask additional payment because of few reasons, like; they need to pay the airport because they line up and picked you, or its already late in the evening, and taking you to this place requires plus a specific amount. Haggle! (Been there done that in the Philippines and Athens too)

  • As much as possible stay in a place that wont scare you or cause you trouble coming back to your hotel late at night.

  • Ask your hotel front desk or host for suggestions on what you should or shouldn’t do, locals know best.

  • You can purchase one way subway ticket or the 24 hours unlimited train ride, which is very cheap, and make sure to insert the ticket on the machine before you enter and exit a platform. I think, its for checking. Though you’ll notice some passengers don’t do it. As a tourist, strictly follow the rules of the country you visit. To avoid further charges.

  • When inside the trains, if possible take a seat so your hands are on your stuff or if standing, avoid crowded areas avoid yourself getting stuck between passengers because it is the perfect timing for ‘muggers’.

  • Be very vigilant, and don’t feel too unapologetic for somethings. Especially while waiting for the train and while you are trying to get near the doors as you prepare to get off the next station.

  • While walking on the streets especially along the busy markets, many vendors or random person will approach you trying to sell something or invite you to a shop. Say “no” or “thanks” politely. But be very sure while you are distracted by someone, someone might already performing ninja tricks at your back.

  • Some say cameras, phones and go pros are forcefully snatched from someones hand. Avoid passing your gadgets to someone and have your picture taken. We had instances where we asked someone to take our photo, but we made sure we asked someone who is also a tourist or someone we thought we could at least trust. (instinct)

  • Photocopy or scan your important documents (passport, ID’s, credit cards, travel insurance, tickets, etc) save it on your email or bring a copy with you and secure it inside your luggage.

  • As much as possible bring two or few wallets, use a separate wallet you will often use or pull out from your bag and another one which contains the cards and important ids.

  • If you plan to visit crowded areas, avoid wearing expensive jewelries or other stuff that is important to you but not necessary at the moment. How about fashion jewelry?

  • Check the closing time of attractions you want to visit, some close early before the sunset (especially on summer).

  • It is too hot on summer in Greece, a hat and a sunscreen is beneficial.



These precautions are not only imperative when visiting Athens but to different countries as well. As a matter of fact, behind this eerie stories I have much more impressive memories of Athens and will definitely go back with my more cautious self. Despite of the worries, or horror stories you’ll hear from newbie or even pro travelers experiences, please don’t let this stop you from seeing the world and discover how diverse one’s culture yet how similar we are in many aspects.


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