Meeting your BFF in 20s

This would be the first time that i will expose my bff here. how would i introduce her? my long lost sister soul mate. Actually it’s not that long that we knew each other. Just last year February our path first crossed. Little did we know we will become soul sister.

Yes, we share common interests, likes and thoughts. But we also share bunch of differences. But what makes it special is we always try to meet in between to have our differences fixed. We would always talk things out, understand each other (this is very important), trust one another, respect each views and ended up laughing.
Nara, USJ

The best part that we share is we’re both crazy, care free and determined. it’s rare that you’ll meet someone whom, you’ll just look in the eye then you’ll understand each other. Of course how we build our relationship wasn’t just a double click. We’ve seen each other’s flaws yet embraced it.

Halloween, trick or treat
I am bless to have her, because she’s my shock absorber, better than love radio dj in terms of listening. She is just as crazy as me.. We may be enjoying being single,free, pushing farther than the limit but we will always keep our feet grounded with our values

We tried to build memories the last 6 months that we’re together. We became expert on managing studies, self, career, party, and all the B’s… beauty, brain, body and more B’s… kidding, that’s just one way to make our selves crazy laughing..

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it became a habit that we call each other pren, fren, friendship. not just recently we changed it to BS.. Life would have been much better if we are working and living in the same place. We will make it happen a year from now.
kinkakuji kyoto
She is Jessica by the way.
starbucks, tennoji
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2 comments on “Meeting your BFF in 20s”

  1. mom: says:

    You are blessed,with,her and she is blessed with you too,cause I know that since from your childhood you're quietly understandable and self oriented such saw hindi pala-away.In which both of you are compatible in likes and,dislike.
    Friendship stays 4 ever if there is trust&love in between to both.
    Ended ::God bless and may God will overshadowed His fully protection unto both of you..

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow so sweet,,,after i read this i realize money is not that important,,yes it is but its just a part ,what most important is the people around us who keep us happy,,nwei stay sweet as u are!!!:)

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