Midlife Dilemma

One year passed since I finally owned my time. Initially I thought this is it!” At last all my aspirations that weren’t attainable when I was full time studying and working will be recompensed. Yes, I had the opportunity to focus on the areas that I was gladly obligated to do like for example; preparations for our homey-simple wedding where we had a lot of stuff made by yours truly, then started to learn to be a wife to a very laudable husband, few travels and the birth of savvyboho.

BUT reality unfolds that having all the time in this world is not the only key to pursuing visions and dreams. I also had my own share of experiencing the “combination of feelings, events and physical changes that indicated a transformation was at hand” or call it midlife crisis. Final proof that occurred in retrospect after accepting I have changed (from different phases of drastic changes to fresh beginnings) and came to terms with new life patterns. [Some symptoms I had are listed below].



  • Wanting to run away from everything.
  • Irritability or unexpected anger.
  • Desire for physical –Free Flowing– movement (mountain climbing, Sky diving,)
  • Sudden interest in painting, calligraphy or writing books.
  • Shifting sleep patterns (Hard to fall asleep at night).
  • A desire to surround myself with different settings.
  • Hanging out with a different generation as their energy and ideas stimulates.
  • Restarting things, which I dropped 10 years earlier.
  • Experience a desire to change the world for the better.
  • Desiring a simple life.
  • Keep re-asking myself: “Where am I going with my life?”
  • Experienced something extremely stressful.


Or click this link to view the other symptoms as listed by personaltao. Midlife Crisis Symptoms

Have you experienced the midlife crisis as well? Or are you now? Dear, it is okay most of us go through it. Though others are just very good at handling theirs. You aren’t late yet, you are just ON TIME.




Some shades of autumn this spring as it is still cold. This is one of my favorite knee length suede culotte pants from forever21 2013 fall collection. Paired with the black socks slipped into black rubber wedge. Under the wool military coat is a black turtle neck top.





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