Japanese House Visit in Osaka

When we were studying in Osaka, we had a weekly activity where we had conversation with locals. Jessica was invited by a Japanese couple to visit their house. Of course in every activity we always go out together. The couple’s house is just a few minute walk from our school.

Mr. & Mrs. Masatomi


Mr.Masatomi taught us the basic technique of go (a japanese board game). At first we we’re so bored and sleepy but when we learned the rules of the game we got to enjoy it.



jessica, 大丈夫ですか?

Then Mr. Masatomi’s wife taught us how to play Sakura song using the Koto instrument.

Mrs. Masatomi taught us the art of / proper way of preparing an ocha or japanese green tea. She explained the rationale behind every strokes, how these paraphernalias are use. She showed us the utensils used for special occasions like during ohanami (sakura viewing).


tea making lesson plus origami lesson

Mr. & Mrs. Masatomi were so generous and kind for inviting us to their home, treated us as friends, introduced their family through photos and taught us some Japanese customs that cannot be learned inside the class. We actually visited them twice before leaving Osaka. They gave us many souvenirs, japanese sweets and learning materials. This experience was one of the best I had so far, despite my NO-NO in speaking Japanese.

Thumbs Up!

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    Adopting techniques from other nationalities is not easy.Proudly you are there concerning for it

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