Petite in that Black Dress, Flat Boots

Late personal-style post from our visit to Himeji- the most intricate castle I entered here in Japan. I think, I already have too much of the type of castles in this side of the world and I can’t wait to discover those that are in Germany, Romania, Poland and many more in Europe!

Check here the photos and blog about my visit to Himeji, inside is also my newbie entry to VLOG-ing⇒ Visit The Most Radiant Castle in Japan


The month of March in Japan is still cold with few (kinda) warm days around 14-17 degree celsius. Checking the weather forecast I was self-assured on what I wore was enough to combat the coldness so I decided not to bring a coat. But I failed on that, because the neighboring town Himeji had a very windy afternoon that day, though climbing through the stairs to the 6th floor of the castle which was also packed with visitors kept me warm.

If not full of local tourist, I saw a very very few foreign visitors. Maybe because, for those who only have little time to spend in Osaka area travelling for few hours to Himeji or spending few thousands of yen to reach the place via train or shinkansen is not worthwhile since the location is quite away from other well-known tourist spots and aside from the castle there is nothing much to see or do around the area. Nevertheless, I encourage everyone who are visiting Hyogo prefecture to stop-by and get inside the castle, not merely around its garden.




Would you call this jumpsuit dress? Or as simple as body fit sleeveless black dress? Whatever you call this dress, I found this at Zara, Ginza Tokyo branch during their winter sale. Another lucky moment, coz’ I scored the last piece which was exactly my size and perfectly discounted at 80 percent off. IKR, spending in bargain is still spending. But wouldn’t it be great that the dress you’ve been eyeing since the last season just showed up matching or if not lesser than what’s within your budget. So I am still keeping to my principle: passion in fashion doesn’t mean burning a wallet. And I simply layered the dress with the turtle neck top I always wear from Forever21(Check here, the fashion post where I wore the same top and shoes: DISCOVERING MINIMASLISM).




Shoes: globalwork


Camera: Panasonic Lumix DX7MK2



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