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From my previous post, ( Biwako Valley Ski Resort) i was not able to stay at Biwako Valley hotel so i decided to stay at the nearby Kyoto area. I stayed at Kyoto Tower Hotel. If you have enough time, the one day pass ticket is recommended that will take you to different tourist spots in Kyoto which includes the subway and city bus for only 1,200 yen. Or you can also use the one day bus ticket for only 500 yen. But the 30 minute bus ride to Arashiyama from Kyoto station would require you to buy one time ticket.




Kyoto Station houses the Isetan mall with variety of shops from restaurants, souvenir shops, and etc. If you don’t have a chance to visit Tokushima and try the best toudai ramen, i recommend visiting Toudai ramen’s branch located at Kyoto Station.
From Jessica Alba’s page i read she visited the famous bamboo area in Arashiyama, her post inspired me to visit the place. I was thinking kung fu panda might have been practicing here. Or are there still Ninjas?

There are horse drawn carrier rides that take tourists to specific places around Arashiyama, but a beautiful place is better seen walking.





Zen temple called Tenryuji . One of Japan’s zen garden.



Travelling within Japan is very convenient. If you have huge luggage, it’s not a problem because coin lockers are everywhere. Transportation is very easy and cheap. And safety have never been an issue. I will definitely go back to Kyoto, there are still plenty of must- see places.
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  1. mom : says:

    You, might not be expected that you will have a journey in the land of a rising sun those first days of this year 2013.
    Happy life!

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