Kanzashi Tutorial at Kyoto

While we were in Kyoto, Hiroki brought me to one Hair ornament shop and asked the lady to teach us how to use the Kanzashi.

Kanzashi or hair stick in English, is a hair ornament originated in Japan. The beginning of kanzashi can be traced back to the Jomon period where it is believed that a spirit stays in the stick/ rod and is used to pay the devil by inserting it to the hair. Later it became a national style and during the Edo period Japanese women use the kanzashi as hair ornament. Back then kanzashi is made from a good quality bamboo or different kinds of woods and even metal plated with gold or silver.

In the old days, the positioning of the stick has also different meanings. But I don’t know if it is still practiced until now.


Check this page for a detailed tutorial with illustration. 浴衣ヘアアレンジ


**Subtitle correction **
-you will still walk around after this right?-
**今からまだあるかはりますよね?** NOT ー歩くありますよね?-



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