Jeans & Heels

Though it’s still cold outside we had a nice slightly windy weather today. Those lifeless trees behind me are Sakura trees or in english Cherry blossoms. In few weeks cotton-candy-like pink petals will come out and the trees’ branches will be filled with pink flowers. Sakura season is very brief, sprouting would start around early March, full-bloomed by last week of March to first week of April then it will start to fall out.  Tomorrow will be quite tough for some of us. For all those who will take the Japan nurse national exam tomorrow. Ganbarimashou! Just remember even if you think you did all your best preparing for this once a year exam- this doesn’t determine one’s intelligence and capacity to perform. And everything happens for a reason, that might be more hard work for someone like me who is not prepared or other opportunities might open as a result of either goukaku or fugokaku.



Coat: Elevence-Deux

Polo shirt: Forever21

Knit top: Honeys


Shoes: Rakuten

Bag: Longchamp

Shades: Uniqlo


Thumbs Up!

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