Japanese Style Strawberry Farm


Japan as one of the top producer of strawberries worldwide produces different varieties depending on the location, but surely are the sweetest and yummiest. As early as December during winter some kinds of strawberries are already harvested. And the season lasts until May. Unlike in the Philippines where the strawberries I saw during my last visit at La Trinidad region  are grown in fields, Japanese strawberries are grown in elevated bed inside vinyl greenhouse.

The best way to eat strawberries is right after picking them. Some strawberry farm offers unlimited fruit picking and eating that costs 1000 ~ 2000 yen per person for 45 minutes to an hour. Another option would allow guests to bring-home the hand picked strawberries in which price depends on the amount (weight) of picked strawberries.



We were lucky to visit a farm and relished one strawberry vinyl greenhouse on our own for an hour. Each person costs 1,200 yen only (12usd). We were advised that the strawberries were clean and ready to eat right after picking. But they also provide free flowing water for those who wanted to wash first before eating.

As Hiroki told me, we could also bring a cake and top it with strawberries. We brought a condensed milk, but really, it wasn’t necessary because the sweetness and freshness of the berries were perfect!

Ichigo gari- (“ichigo”- strawberry “gari”-hunt or pick) Japanese specific term used for the activity- strawberry picking. There are many greenhouses in every prefectures that offer this activity during winter ~ spring.




Check Minomi farm’s Ichigo Gari schedule here: ミノミファーム

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