New Year in Japan

Whoaw time flies so fast, I never felt 2012 has ended. Through God and all the friends surrounding me here plus the help of internet to connect with loved-ones I never felt sadness or homesickness being away from my country. And I always try to look on brighter and positive side of my life. I may have other dreams but I am happy to where I am now.

Just after a tiring day at work, Sam and Aubrey invited us to have simple dinner at Aubrey’s place. Sam prepared a traditional Japanese food served only during New year’s eve and on the New year day.


That’s ate Marie with her wine.

Just before welcoming 2012, another Japanese tradition that we did was to visit a tera or temple. It was freaking cold that night at 1c. We prayed, of course i prayed to the God I’ve known. Ringed a bell and observed other Japanese custom.

weird things we did inside the tera
bell ringing at 12 midnight


Thumbs Up!

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  1. mom: says:

    I'm happy too! where you are now(.;.)

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