Inside Tokyo, Japan

The densest and busiest main portal of businesses, diplomatic outposts and tourist destination, Tokyo, is also the capital of the land of the rising sun- Japan. Obviously there are hundred of things that one can do in Tokyo and a month would not be enough to discover the whole place and its interesting hidden gems. Here are the main destinations to have that first Tokyo impression.



Shibuya is also the place of the well-known Hachiko statue, lively shopping district and where live coverage or street interviews by different television shows are made.


Is a typical market or palengke in Filipino. The famous sushi restaurant known Sushizanmai is located inside this narrow and crowded market. People would line up for more than 2 hours to score a seat and eat the best sushi and sashimi while watching the sushi man preparing your order. There are also other food stalls that are famous in this market serving ramen, odon, soba etc.


Ride the automated (unmanned) tram that connects the downtown Tokyo to this reclaimed island full of interesting things to do. The train ride is like riding a roller coaster that passes above the sea over looking Tokyo’ skyscrapers. Indulge in shopping, food trips, the presence of the biggest robot- Gundam, European themed shopping mall, vintage car exhibits and breath taking sunset. Wait till the dusk and witness the entertaining rainbow bridge as well as the distant view of the Tokyo Bay.




Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku and many more are filled with shops that holds local and interational brands. But the best of them all is Ginza, which is the home to city’s posh boutiques, classic department stores and the Dover street market.


From my previous blogs, I would always talk about my love for Japanese Onsen culture and again I will repeat my self, have your self a treat and discover the essence of onsen practice as you experience it your self. Oedo Onsen is a facility that offers not only bathing but also inside is a set-up of mini Japanese community filled with food stalls and some entertainment shops. For extra fee it is also possible to stay for a night in the Onsen’s hotel rooms or in the public sleeping/ lounge areas. Oedo onsen has branches in Odaiba and other parts of Japan.

More of Oedo Onsen here: A Look Inside Oedo Onsen




Previously this place was a main destinations for gadget and electronic devices shoppers and became also the land of manga and anime. It is nothing but usual in Japan to spot some guys wearing unusual clothes or cosplay attires anywhere. But in Akihabara, cosplayers are everywhere, this place is home for anime lovers.

Lucia Mortula


True to this, you will never have the real Japanese food when you are not inside this country. I am fascinated as how the affordable restaurants and expensive places have one thing in common, they offer nothing but the savoriest meals. When in Japan, yes, the foods in convenience stores are also authentic Japanese stuff and cheap but try to eat in places like Ramenya (ramen), Shushiya (sushi/sashimi), Izakaya (restaurant that offers different foods) and the likes. One interesting food chains to visit are the places filled with small restaurants where people would fit in small chairs and tables like the one in Ginza (Yurakucho Izakaya photo below), and in Shibuya’s Niku Yokocho and Yakitori shop allies.


It is where the oldest temple in Tokyo is found- Sensoji temple also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple. Visitors enter the Kaminarimon (Thunder gate) which is considered as the symbol of entire Tokyo. After entering the gate a shopping street leads to the second gate Hozomon then to the temple.


Ueno town offers many places and things to do. Namely, the famous Ueno park which is famous for Hanami during sakura season, the park’s Shinobazu pond is good for swan rides and the Ueno zoo is also famous for it houses Pandas. Adjacent are the different museums, temples, shrines and Japan’s top Tokyo University.





Last but not the least, this should not slip out of your itinerary when in Tokyo. Tokyo’s skyscrapers and its busy city illuminated by the city lights is the best skyline you will ever shot.There are different high -rise buildings that offers 360 degree view of the entire Tokyo metropolitan, two of the famous spots are the Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower which requires entrance fee, but there are also establishments that offer free Panoramic view of the city in a lesser heights just like the Tokyo metropolitan government building.

Check here for the Tokyo Observation Deck Guide

Roppongi Hills


OUTSIDE TOKYO here are some famous tourist spots






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