I’m back 2013

hi blog world. I’ve finally decided to continue blogging. I’ve been here in Japan for quite sometime and thoughts are over flowing. I would love to share and inspire through my blog. But pardon me, because my english is full of flaws.

I have gone through many changes this past year. Some are as simple as changing my hair color while some are as drastic as deciding what to do in the future and the pounds i gained last 2012 are piling. All these changes, may it be good or bad, have formed me into the person who I am today.

This is my personal crib so i will talk anything under the sun. travel, food, place, outfit blog, experience, life in Japan and etc..

2012 have been one of the best and memorable year i had.. full of laughter,  smiles, tears, heartaches, problems, blessings, new people, new life.. And i thank God for His grace.

Bring it on 2013!! Happy New Year everyone!



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One comment on “I’m back 2013”

  1. mom : says:

    Years go by :
    Happiness and sorrows gone by.change it again to a new things.nice though you released in that year back.
    Let'start a brand new life.

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