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9 years have passed since I wanted to start a fashion blog highlighting a love for fashion doesn’t mean burning a wallet, I published posts for few months which actually lead me to open a clothing business. But another opportunity came, the choice I made demanded so much of my time thus the need to keep the passion in fashion in a hiatus state. Then one day, Hiroki asked me if I would want to continue my fashion blog because he is willing to take photos for me. He isn’t yet used to taking human photos in different angles for fashion posts but yes, we are both learning. I appreciate his effort and for encouraging me to pursue every part of me that I almost forgot.

So what’s your story, about the ‘almost’ forgotten love of yours?




The skirt and knit top are from autumn end sale of forever21 while I got the cowboy style boots buy 1 take 1 deal in Kyoto 5 years ago at summer time. My favorite steal is the vintage celine messenger bag I got for only 1500 yen or (15usd) at a vintage shop during my travel to Fujinomiya. If you come here in Japan and you want to visit the hidden vintage shops for good quality bags ping me! I am a big promoter of buying vintage-used bags aside from it is way cheaper it is good for the environment, recycle for lesser waste.

I say, I am a forever ‘bohemian at heart’ for my heart beats with that gypsy kind of look. A wanderer waiting for her own time to explore the world and its mysteries.


Here I quote from mrs.bo’s words

Thumbs Up!

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      Thank you!

  2. Mae says:

    Wow! Just wow! Very inspiring Chelle. Hope to read more of your blog posts.;-)

    1. rochell says:

      Thank You Mae for the encouragement!

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