Japan New Year and Kimono

Since I’ve been out of track for more than a year. There will be bunch of back track. But i’ll start on how i started my 2013.

One of Japanese culture during New Year, almost all of the companies have shinengoreikai it’s like a party to open the year. And both man and woman wear the traditional kimono. We were asked if we would like to join, it would be great experience though but the rent of the kimono is very expensive 40,000 yen. So we opted to try next year 😀 so a suit was enough.

As part of the tradition, in the morning together with the ladies wearing kimono. We served Japanese wine ‘sake” to every patients.

And afterwards almost all of the employee went to the main branch and celebrated the shinengoreikai. I was mesmerized seeing all Japanese women wearing kimono, they are so pretty.


I admit that being a Filipino, you will get use to filipino-clock but seeing and having japanese time management first-hand experience always astonish me . And i am gradually adapting to that culture. haha. I would love to wear kimono someday then walk around kyoto..


Thumbs Up!

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  1. mom ; says:

    Passionate :
    God put you to that land,love their culture bearing a compassion way to live comfortable over there.

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