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So have you passed by the Midlife Dilemma post? There, I mentioned about the midlife crisis I faced just like the other normal human being. If you experienced the milestone as well how did you managed it? Were you able to recognize yourself from personaltao’s listed symptoms? Or by just being aware that you are zoned into not knowing whether to do this or that or you often ask yourself the popular question – ‘what is my purpose’.

I considered the phase as a breakthrough because I acquired values which are not common to me and wisdom that, I know, I have been longing for. During those times I converged into reading other people’s blogs/testimonies and books conversing what enabled them to unearth their purposes. I also came to know aside from personal realization of owned talents, there are tests that can help bring to light one’s hidden skills.

On the other hand what I would want to say is, it is okay not to be someone who is significant now.  It is okay to be just an employee or not to travel many times this year. Is it okay not to be able to create that brand or youtube channel that you’ve been wanting. Or not having that brand new phone or trend. It is really okay to be where you are right now.

And by no means am I encouraging mediocrity but a halt. A halt to all the looking around and getting overly-inspired that you lose a good grip of what’s in front of you. Of making the most out of your current situation. Of enjoying your season. And of the patience to wait for a revelation of your destiny, with the openness to receive the truth that it may mean you are called to be the head of a body, or simply just one part of it.”(bo)

If it is your time, then it will be yours, just work it off. If not then, learn the art of patience for its fruits are the sweetest.





This is for the petite women like me, who was once afraid of exploring garments that are believed to only look good to those who stand tall. With the right fitting and waist pattern, wide leg denims would look fabulous on petite body frames. Just like this pants I got from GU_japan denim collection. For this type of bottoms, light colors elongate the physique rather than dark or black ones, and you won’t go wrong by pairing it with white or warm shades of tops. I also chose beige wedge sandals to create monochromatic look and avoid being cut if paired with black shoes, plus it adds height.


Visit GU Japan for affordable and apparels that you can use to create a look easily.

Shoes: www.zara.jp

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