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Who wouldn’t want to have a photo taken by a pro-photographer on the island of Santorini? I tried looking to the website of studios and photographers based in Santorini but it was out of our budget. So we decided to bring our personal cameras and tripod. But the truth is, it was never easy to take our own photos using tripod especially in the areas that crowd never fades. Luckily, during our stay at Oia Suite, Mariana who was the receptionist did magic to connect us to- Trifonas. Fortunately, he was currently in Santorini  and made space for us on his schedule to do the last minute shoot during our last day in Oia.





Mariana did our appointment via phone and we were given discount because we did not have any specific request and opted for the cheapest package he could offer. Trifonas advised us the best time to take photos in Oia center is early in the morning to avoid the crowd. On the day of shoot, he picked us up at Oia Suites before 8 in the morning and drove us first to Oia’s park. While walking around Oia we came across other couples doing a formal prenuptial shoot. Undeniably, every corner of this village is picturesque. What we did was like a photo shoot-tour because as Trifonas took our photos he would occasionally tell us stories and facts about the island. The shoot, including transfer of venues, walking and changing of clothes took 2 hours. And after the shoot he brought us back to the hotel. Since we did the shoot during our last day in Oia and our flight was on the evening of that day. Trifonas, met us at the airport just before our flight and gave us the removable usb containing our photos. Trifonas can be reached on his facebook page Trifonas TrifonopoulosOr check Dream on Photography. He is very flexible and also offers different packages according to couples’ request.







NOTE: photos where we are on it are not mine, credit to Trifonas.

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