DIY Itinerary or Travel Agency?

Here is a comparison when travelling from Japan to Cambodia via travel agency or do-it-yourself itinerary.


Via Japan Travels

70,000 yen (cheapest package)


Air travel Osaka-Hanoi-Siemrep via Vietnam airlines

4days 3 nights hotel accommodation (expect to stay in not well reviewed hotel)

Arrival and departure airport shuttle with tour guide (Japanese speaking guides available)

3 days guided tour with service (car)


temple passes

other tour fares



DIY itinerary

Check SKYSCANNER for the cheapest flight you can get from Japan-Siemrep

Book hotel using BOOKING.COM (there are many hotels with good reviews in good location and are CHEAP)

Book in advance TOUR packages so someone will pick you up at the airport and will bring you around Siemrep without transportation problem

Prepare around 20000 yen (200usd) for the temple pass, floating village tour, visit to distant temples that are not covered by the temple pass.

Dollar is the unofficial currency



With DIY itinerary, you will actually spend the same amount as the offer of the travel agencies but the big difference is you’ll get better accommodation. I observed that Japan travel agencies give importance to the airlines that their clients use. For example, (DIY) with a budget of 70,000 yen you’ll get a good hotel, wander around Cambodia for three days but you’ll fly the cheapest available airlines that’ll cost you around 35,000 yen. While travel agencies books flights, like for example, via Vietnam airlines that would cost twice, but hotel may be the cheapest with below 7 ratings from

Well, I think if you enjoy planning your own travel, DIY is good as you really got to save more money. Just make sure to read reviews of the airlines, hotels and tour guides.

To check price range from cheapest to most expensive flights available on your route check Skyscanner

To reserve hotels with honest ratings from the certified guests go to Booking

And, check Tripadvisor for the available tour packages.


Love reading? Read “Temple of a Thousand Faces” by John Shors, which is a wonderful novel about Angkor Wat.



Angkor passes are available at Angkor Park, Angkor Enterprise.

Address: Street 60, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Ask Tuk-Tuk drivers, they all know the place.

Tip: Buy the temple pass after 5 in the afternoon, so the first day of the ticket starts to count the next day. On the same afternoon using the pass watch the breathtaking sunset at Angkor Wat for free. However, the famous Phnom Bakheng gets too much crowd during sunsets, so you might want to try other areas like Srah Srang Lake.

Lost Angkor passes have very extensive penalties. Keep your tickets safe.


Temple Hours

  • Angkor Ticket Center: Daily from 5AM ~ 1730
  • Angkor Wat and Srah Srang: Daily from 5AM ~ 1730
  • Phnom Bakheng and Pre Rup: Daily from 5AM ~ 1900
  • All other Temples: Daily from 7:0AM ~ 1730

( Phnom Kulen and Beng Mealea temples are not covered by the Angkor pass. Purchase separate tickets for this areas)

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