Discovering Minimalism


I don’t find plain and neutral colors to be boring. As a matter of fact, I find minimalist fashion statement attractive and polished, especially when it is allured by a contrasting background. To upgrade my knowledge on minimalist fashion style, I keep my self inspired and learn from pro-fashion bloggers listed as minimalist on bloglovin. Minimalist doesn’t mean stocking up only black-white wardrobe. It can also be a combination of monotone or neutral shades. Fashion is an art and what’s great about it, it is not accustomed by specific rules. It is all about expressing and describing one’s self.

Tried my skill on matching calm tones using what I have in my closet and I liked how it turned out. The combination is not just good for chilly days but also comfortable, even the wide legged pants and duster coat looked pretty on petite body type.




The top is one of my favorite stored turtle neck , its fabric and color could match every single bottoms or dress. It is the last piece I got from forever21 Dotonbori branch. Aside from this beige color there were also gray, white and black.

The bottom and duster coat is from a store named Honey’s, it is inside a mall near our place and known for its very affordable, fashionable displays. This brand is famous for Japanese teenager girls.

The black hat is from another affordable shop japan brand GU. And boots is from global workOr check


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  1. Rachell says:

    Love it the style
    I want find some…

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