Cocomat Hotel, Athens


Do you love staying in hotels? Yet, takes pleasure in spotting an affordable, clean, with perfect location and boasting 9+ reviews on kind of hotels, then Cocomat would be one of the best picks when visiting Athens


With few luggage and arriving -not late- at night in Athens, the hotel is accessible by city bus or subway. There are few city bus stations near the hotel or get off Evangelismo subway station and the hotel would just be a few minute walk. But for first timers in Athens ,like me, loaded with luggage from a long trip and arrived late in the evening-good/ safe option-to reach the hotel would be scheduling airport pick-up with Cocomat or by taxi. But take extra precautions when riding cab at night, especially when drivers know it’s your first time in Athens, they tend to add extra charges.


Surprisingly, the hotel does not have the typical facade of usual hotels. The place welcomes you with a styled furniture shop. When arriving in the middle of the night, the first floor which, as I said the shop, is not already manned but still lighted. It is quite confusing but the reception area is located on the basement floor 1. The hotel’s upper floor is a roof garden where guests can enjoy a meal, coffee or just relax while enjoying the view of Athens from the building. The hotel also provides bicycle rental, we tried to but it was too high for me and the bicycle is made of wood that makes it quite difficult to maneuver. Just a reminder, inform the hotel staff if you will avail of the rental because they will have you sign a waiver which indicates they are not responsible for any accidents you incur and the charge of the bicycle if stolen or damaged is quite expensive.








I love the hotel’s interior, the furniture as well as the amenities are all products of the Cocomat shop. Every corner was clean, though the area is located within the busy district of Patriarchou, we barely heard any noise from outside the hotel or from other guests, means we had good sleep every single night. The linens and pillows were fresh and comparable to the ones’ used in five star hotels. This place exceeded the amenities of some overpriced hotels we’ve been too. Moreover, isn’t lacking of luggage space in hotel rooms quite annoying? Cocomat won’t give you any headache when opening your luggage, the room is quite spacious. Have a bite of the cookies, cakes or freebies offered at the hotel’s Honesty Bar anytime of the day/ night. I remember, after our check-in, the staff told us that we can take some foods to our room from the bar. One service we also appreciate was the free water supply anytime of the day, they will deliver it to your room or you can go down to the bar and ask for it yourself.




If you happen to read our unpleasant encounter in Athens, I mentioned that the owner/manager of the hotel personally talked to us and offered few advises. That totally exceeded our expectation as they went out of their way. And last, before you leave, ask for the heart-shaped fabric where you can write your name and they also provide free lock and key. So that you can hang and lock the heart linen at the area where they created a small space with flowing water for love locks just beside the entrance. Cocomat helps you create not just memories but they also allows you to leave a mark that you’ve been to their place.



-clean, spacious, quiet

-toiletries are replaced daily

-good value for money

-walking distance to subway, restaurants, shops, bus station

-approachable staff

-good breakfast

-safe neighborhood


-the bathroom doesn’t have any extra space where you can put your other stuff

-you need to request for the orange juice because it is not served on the pantry during breakfast

-quite far from the airport (but near to the center)


Visit the hotel’s website for more info or check you might score discounted rates!

Thumbs Up!

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