Chromata [Imerovigli, Santorini]


“Beautiful hotel, spectacular view, awesome staff” this is just one of the most written reviews you ‘ll read about Chromata.




Chromata is located at the highest point of Santorini which is the Imerovigli- boasts scenic view of the Caldera, the deep blue Aegean See and famous for its beautiful sunset called “balcony to the Aegean”. From this stand point, Oia and Fira is visible as accentuated by the islands’ whitewashed buildings and houses. Just by standing outside the rooms of this hotel one can already take thousand of photos from seascape to landscape. Most of the hotels in Santorini that offers the best Caldera view are positioned on top of a steep slope, the rooms fit into the carved stones on a cliff side- just like a cave house. Which means, to reach the rooms (especially rooms at the lowest point of the slope) one’s patience and agility will be tested. The hotel’s location is within easy walk to all of what Imerovigli offers including sunsets, restaurants, groceries, cafes, churches,chapels and bus stops.







One of Chromata’s pride is it’s crew. They are one of the most welcoming, helpful and amiable hotel staff I have encountered. Starting from arrival at the hotel you will be welcomed at the hotel’s cool reception area. After a fast check-in, the front desk personnel will provide -hotel tour and guidelines while the luggage will be carried by some energetic gentlemen to the room. You will be introduced to the staff at the hotel’s bar, to the chefs and some assistants. And is finished by being escorted to your room. A bottle of wine and fruit platter are served as welcome presents. They also provide a handy cellular phone which the guests can use inside or during outside the hotel just in case you need to contact them.








The room features a blend of traditional cycladic architecture and decorations with modern touches. Every rooms are positioned in such a way that whether you have the most expensive villa or the simplest one, everyone get to experience breathtaking view from the room’s terrace. No question with the hotel’s cleanliness, if you happen to wake up very early in the morning you will witness how the property is cleaned and maintained. The infinity pool is also clean though it is quite cold even during summer mornings. Our favorite part, is the greek breakfast that you can have delivered at your room or terrace. Or you can simply have the a la carte buffet breakfast at the the hotel’s posh dining area or beside the pool. They also offer romantic dinner set-up perfect for honeymooners or those who are planning a wedding proposal.












Chromata showed us how well they treat their guests and went out of their way to provide us exceptional service. We initially had the room located at the quietest area of the hotel with fantastic view, but we were upgraded on our second day to a much better room without using too much of stairs. If only there is not much to see around Santorini, this place is perfect for lazy days. Guaranteed you will never be bored just by spending your entire day inside your room with this kind of view and hotel service.






  • five star customer service
  • stunning view
  • friendly and warm staff
  • delicious authentic greek breakfast
  • within the center of Imerovigli
  • close to restaurants, cafes, car rental shops, grocery shop, bus stop
  • the staff carries your luggage
  • clean, comfortable bed linens
  • enough sunbathing chairs
  • infinity pool


  • no property-owned parking space
  • airport shuttle extremely expensive
  • a bit of expensive for the typical cave small rooms
  • room service charge (especially the water) is too much. get yourself a bottled water at the bar it’s free
  • the shower room doesn’t have any door or division that makes the water splash all over the bathroom while you shower

Despite the cons, our experience with Chromata is still one of the best. The service and location of this property outweigh the minor unfavorable things. We actually didn’t care about the stairs but instead we enjoyed every steps.




Thumbs Up!

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