Catching the Golden Hour

Last March, nice studio called us in to review the compilation of the footage they shot during our wedding day. We were overwhelmed that they were able to capture candid moments and just the way we wanted it to be- intimate and simple. Since, I still have margin between what I blog and not, I choose to keep my privacy on these areas, but I am looking into blogging some insights about planning a wedding here in Japan, especially how DIY stuff helped a lot in managing our budget considering Japan’s sky-high wedding rates.

On the other note, while on our way to the studio we passed by the beach and I was surprised to see many surfers enjoying the cold wavy waters. Isn’t it amazing that there are inventors and big thinkers who were able to discover and create body suit that enable surfers to still enjoy the waves all year round.

This made me think the world is big and we are still in the verge of discovering amazing things for the future. Imagine the things that are yet to be discovered and it takes great minds and creative thinkers to unearth such treasures.

But do you need to be genius or discover one unique thing to see how amazing the world is? Look around you, isn’t is amazing that after a dark night, the sun still rises with a promise that mercies are renewed every morning.

I love catching the golden hour which is a few minutes before the sun totally sets. Shots during this time need not many editing and filters.


Finally found an overall jeans that is not too pricey yet the denim doesn’t look cheap. Since it was still cold I paired the overall with a black turtle neck and sneakers from adidas originals that I got using only my Rakuten points by shopping at Rakuten Japan. There are many shops in Rakuten that sells adidas, so to make sure I will not waste my points into some fake adidas, I emailed adidas Japan and they sent me a quick response with the link of their official adidas online shop at Rakuten.


Top and Overall jeans shop at: GU Japan

Accesories are from random boutiques in Santorini

Adidas Originals shop at: Adidas Japan or Adidas Online store at Rakuten Japan

Camera used: canoneos7d

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