Basics and Coat


Have you also noticed your self changing as your years add up? Aside from becoming a little bit wiser (hopefully) compared to last year, choice of clothes also changed. I think I became more attracted to basic style and focus more on details. Even on my taste of colors, nude or minimalist type of tones are more appealing to me. Relaxed fitting garments rather than tight clothes are now on my lists. Don’t get me wrong, spring and summer vibe also makes me feel lively but I can sacrifice giddiness so I can be myself and be comfortable.

This goes the same the way I see life, though being grown up entails more responsibilities and endeavors, I want to face life’s complexity the simplest way I can be. Or may I say it, the way I am, being myself. It can get too complicated at times, who don’t?, but one thing I can be sure of; prayers and the promise that had been given to us thousand years ago remains alive.

Thumbs Up!

2 comments on “Basics and Coat”

  1. Rachell says:

    Very nice!

    1. rochell says:

      thank you !

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