AIRBNB at Nagano, Japan


Did you know that, though airbnb is one of the most ought places to stay for foreigners visiting Japan, Japanese themselves are not use to using airbnb because most of them are not just use to it as they are very particular with personal space.

This was my first airbnb experience for I also had reservations into trying this new trend my self. The thought of the need to meet the owner of the place and the need to meet some expectations both sides made me think airbnb is quite hassle. But for people who enjoy travelling while interacting with the locals or even making new friends airbnb would be a perfect option.

One good reason to use AIRBNB would be the opportunity to stay in places that hotel industry does not typically offer, like the a rest house, cottage house or camp cabins. I’ve seen one airbnb vlog where she stayed in an airbnb camp van inside the ground of a huge mansion owner in Cali.

WATCH at YOUTUBE our Airbnb VLOG, here: Airbnb at Oomachi Nagano Japan travel VLOG 大町長野 エアービーアンドビー 

One of the reasons why travelers (especially for travelers in a group) choose airbnb is the price difference compared to the hotels. And since most of the airbnb rooms especially in the mostly visited cities here in Japan are in the buildings called mansions or the typical small apartments which are situated near the stations or busy areas.

While we were going around Nagano last winter, we wanted to stay in cottage cabin to have that camping in the snow feeling. But since winter in Nagano is so busy, and filled with visitors from all around the world coming for snowboard and Ski, we haven’t found any available rooms. That is when we decided to check out airbnb, luckily even on the new year’s day we found very kind hosts who welcomed us to their beautiful home in Omachi Nagano.

Our hosts were Kim and Machiko, if you will be around Nagano try to stay in their separate cottage house fully equipped with necessary things to give that home away from home feeling. There is no problem for those who will not bring a car as they offer free pick-up from/to Omachi station and will bring you around the town or to the nearest Ski resort.


– their house is right at the bottom of the mountain

– the ride to their home is like the roads seen in twilight movie

– very peaceful and quiet surrounding

– free transportation they provide

– good breakfast

– they have small onsen inside their house and the water is not boiled but is really a natural onsen water from the ground

– comfortable and clean futons

One reason why I find AIRBNB interesting is how the locals can be the best source of information in going around a certain place. Yes, there are many articles, blogs also vlogs about different places here in Japan, but look, when I was searching a place for a good local meal we can have at Omachi I haven’t read anyone mentioning the Nepal restaurant. While Kim our host assured us that it would be the best place to have a Nepali food. And yes, he was right.

Here are some of the photos around Omachi and our airbnb place for a night.


Camera used: Canoneos7d



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