Biwako Valley Ski Resort

This is my first new year in Japan so i made sure it will be the best by a promise  to start it with a travel. Syempre galing ako sa walang snow na bansa kaya naman dream makakita ng snow. (I came from a tropical country, and one of my childhood dream is to see a snow) which i think is somehow part of every child’s petty dreams.
Just as my prayer was answered instead of going to work today, after the new year party at the hospital, the 1st of January was given as off. Prior to the travel I requested 2 days off (in Japan its hard to request consecutive off more than 2 days, unless emergency) so that’s 3! What a great way to start the year. After the party i grabbed my suitcase and went to Osaka. It was my first time to travel alone in Japan and my mediocre language ability helped a lot.
From Osaka station I purchased a JR line ticket to Shiga Ken – Biwako Valley. The travel was supposed to be an hour and a half, but because I never knew that I needed to change train at kyoto station my travel hour totaled to 3 hours and had 4 train transfers. When I arrived to Shiga station, the bus that will bring me to the bottom of the valley (which is uphill climb) just left. I decided to take a cab to the bottom of the valley where the reception and cable car is located. Another epic fail, no room was available on the top of the valley for one night so I needed to travel to Kyoto in the late afternoon which is supposed to be the itinerary for the next day. Instead of spoiling the moment I decided to pursue the plan to try ski for the first time and just look for an available hotel for the night all the way to Kyoto.
the station of nowhere
Biwako valley Station


Being a first timer i don’t have any snowboarding clothes, I rented the set outfit (includes: outer jacket, outer pants, shoes, board) total cost 7,000 yen. If you brought with you extra accessories (which are necessary for protection) like the cap, gloves, mask, goggles and other extra accessories you can opt not to rent these staff. The rope way lift from the bottom of valley is 4100 yen two-way. Up on the valley there is another rope way that will take you from the base to the lower side of the valley or will take you back to the base if you glided down with your board/ski , unlimited ride/ lift is 10,000 yen but I only had the 300 yen one-time lift which can be purchase at the vending machine before you ride the lift .
Not really my type of fashion. But there are ways snowboarding can be fashionale
Biwako Valley Ski resort is good for beginners like me. At first i was scared but seeing other first-timers like me who kept on falling was a relief. Thinking of the effort i did to reach the site, i gave it a shot and i came to like snow boarding. Honestly, my butt still hurts while I’m typing because of the countless fall i had.



I never imagined being in snow park would look so magical. Imagine unstained sparkling white draft with very colorful spots. The different colors are very brightening and displays happiness.
Thumbs Up!

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